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In Dear 1968,... artist Sadie Barnette recontextualizes, alters, and confronts personal political and familial history through drawings, photos, and her father's FBI file from his time in the Black Panther Party. The exhibition was organized by the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College. For the exhibition identity, I drew inspiration from the wallpapers, redactions, and other security ephemera on the documents. Magentas and purples feature prominently in Dear 1968,... so I took great pleasure in using pops of Rhodamine against neutral whites and grays. The catalog images were even printed with Rhodamine built into the separations to heighten the impact of Barnette's images.

  • Fall 2017

Exhibition catalog. Photo courtesy @hurfordcenter.

exhibition overview

View of exhibition. Photo by Cole Sansom.

portfolio image

Composite of show identity wall and Sadie Barnette's backdrop, which served as the basis for some of the collateral. Photo by Lev Greenstein (left) and Cole Sansom (right).

portfolio image portfolio image

Photos by Lev Greenstein.

Poster, Banners, Etc.

portfolio vertical portfolio vertical

18" x 12" 4-color poster and vinyl lightpole banners.

portfolio image portfolio image

Thank you to Matthew Callinan.