Kara Walker's "A Subtlety..."
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Kara Walker's sugar "mammy-as-sphinx" and candy processional figurines–a radical departure from the silhouette cutouts she is most known for–was a genuine must-see in the Summer of 2014. Sited in the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I created the visual identity for the project, treating the extended title as one block and punctuated with a delicate rendering of "a Subtlety," which became shorthand for the work. This clean, black-on-white treatment was complimented by my icon of the Factory silhouette and smoke plume, which contrasted nicely on the crumbling industrial setting.

  • Spring & Summer 2014


Freestanding Signage


Self-Mailing Poster

Gala Invitation

"Save the Date" Card