2014 Creative Time Summit: Stockholm
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The Creative Time Summit, a conference that brings artists and social justice practicioners together, was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The Summit aims to be provocative and off-kilter, and in designing this year's logo lockup, I decided to tilt it 45 degrees and render it as a repeating pattern with punctuations of red. This was in keeping with past Summit identities, but the pattern allowed me great flexibility in layering it, letting the frame cut it off, adding movement, or letting the "logo field" speak for itself. The program, a 6" x 9" perfectly bound, 70-page book, carried the identity over to print. Red duotone images were used for bio headshots, and full-bleed black and white photos broke up the text, set in Trade Gothic Bold No. 2 and Clarendon Bold.

  • Fall 2014
  • Hi-res photos by Amy Johanson